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Monday, 31 March 2014

Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 is coming? At least according to rumor

The Japanese Smartphone manufacturer has recently unveiled its new flagship during the MWC (Mobile World Congress), yes, we are talking about the Xperia Z2. People are very excited to see this device, but we are not here to discuss the Sony Xperia Z2 as we have got something cool to share with all of you.

The mouth watering, yes, we can call this info mouth watering because it is about the Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2, according to the latest rumor, the Japanese giant is now working on the Xperia Z Ultra successor and the device is said to be unveiled in this summer.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 is coming? At least according to rumor

This is not over yet, some specs of the Xperia Z Ultra 2 also surfaces and the device will feature a Snapdragon 801 chipset, the same we have already seen on the Xperia Z2, 13 megapixel of the primary camera but this time the Sony is going to rock the camera with the LED flash. That's all we know by now, but we can say that the Xperia Z Ultra successor is going to rock the Phablet's world.

We are still looking forward to fetch more info on it so that we can keep you updated with the best that we will got about it and we want you to take this information as a grain of salt because the whole story is not linked to any official source until now.
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  1. Excellent April Fool... my heart is now in bits on the floor :(

  2. Darn nope it's not a joke. There's a market here and sony should try to capture it.

  3. pretty please... I would have bought the last one if it had an LED flash :S

  4. So which will be better ? Ultra Z2 or Note 4.

  5. I would have buy the Ultaz Z if it had a flash. Don't know why Sony did not include the flash, weird decision.

    1. That is to maintain its slim profile. as the flash would have caused the whole chassis to be slightly thicker. Compare it with Z2.

  6. If this has stylus support that works as good or better than the Note 3 I am sold.


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