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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Android Powered Lumias were killed by the Microsoft

Microsoft killed the Android running Lumias, Yes there is a lot of news circulating about the Android powered Nokia Lumia and we have posted information about it earlier.As sources say, the Lumia devices are fully compatible with the Android and Nokia successfully tested the Android on Lumia devices before the Microsoft deal but when the deal is done, the Android running Lumia devices were killed by the Microsoft and its such a shocking news for everyone of us because after getting this news we can guess that Nokia finally decided to introduce Android devices to give tough time to their competitors.Nokia has struggled hard since a long time to compete with the other manufacturers and Nokia lovers became very hopeful after hearing the news about Android powered Lumia.Now we can say that if Android Lumias were introduced before dealing with the Microsoft, may be Nokia could manage to get out of alarming situation and were not purchased by the Microsoft.

In the end we must say that Nokia was thinking very seriously for the Android Smartphones but the deal that happens recently between Nokia and Microsoft washes their dreams out and lastly the Nokia was purchased by the Microsoft.After the dealing with the Microsoft, all hopes for the Android devices are now dead and Nokia lovers and users will have to stick on Windows platform.
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