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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Android is leading the world, the BlackBerry down to 1.5% worldwide share

Great news for the Android users has just come out as the new statistics about the shipments of the Smartphones once again claims that the Android is leading the worldwide share as the 81% of the world share captured by the Android and obviously this is the good news for the Google and the Korean OEM Samsung, the world's largest Smartphones manufacturer. According to the research done by the ABI, 244 million Smartphones and 438 million handsets shipped during the 3rd quarter of the 2013.

Android Market Share

Due to the Android market share grows, the Korean OEM Samsung's share of the Smartphones market grew up to 35%, so these stats are good for the Google and other Android Smartphones manufacturers. Now take a look at the American's giant Apple, as according to the research, the share of the Apple in the world is 14% which is very low when compared to the Android market share and it clearly shows that the Android is still dominating the Smartphone world.

The main thing is that the BlackBerry is in serious crises as the market share of the BlackBerry in the world is just 1.5% which is really disappointing for the BlackBerry users while on the other hand the Windows Phones are performing well as they grow up to 165% year-on-year but still the market share is just the 4% which is very low but hopes are also here that in the future the market share of the Windows Phones will increase.

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