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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Become a smartphone builder now with Google's next plan

Google is about to launch a new plan for it's users with a name 'Project Ara' which will allow the users to customise their phones as per their desires.
Motorola have already took the first step in the completion of this project and signed up with the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens,the creator of phone blocks,a modular phone idea on the project.There were some confusions and the experts were so deliberately unsure about this idea of customizing a phone.
The whole world was busy focusing on other giants and the future of quad technology with the Samsung and other market giants,while Motorola,being an only firm who's still using a dual-core technology has been working on this upcoming project with Google for more than an year,reported on a blog post.

"We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software-create a vibrant,third party developer ecosystem" - reported on a blog post

"To give you the power to decide what your phone does,how it looks,where and what it's made of,how much it costs and how long you'll keep it"

Motorola called this project an endoskeleton which means holding all the modules in a single frame.

According to a report,there will be an approx selling of 1.8 billion phones the present year,among which 1.5 will be thrown into the thrash for permanent disuse.A total of 5.5 billion phones will be in use in the world.The manufacturing cost and the amount of metals and other hazardous substances such as lead,chlorine leads to environmental pollutes which not only effects the maker but also effects the user.

After putting all the efforts and when all the experts thought a lot on this serious matter,it was concluded that bringing upon an idea of building a phone by the user itself will not effect the workers of the firm.More or less,the user will be more comfortable in using his own customized phone.We can hope for a better smartphone future now.

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