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Friday, 25 October 2013

Is it a tablet or a giant sized TV by Microsoft? Take a deep look on it

One of the world's pioneer in the field of PC i.e. Microsoft has found a way to let them known more deeply by the world itself.They're repeating the history again.If we go back in the early 70s,we can sum up with the facts that the computers were used to be so big that a single person couldn't able to handle it alone.

Microsoft has brought back the old times back again,but this time its not a computer or a PC.Its a giant sized tablet with 17 feet in height and 27 feet wide monument type Surface 2 covered with a purple type structure which is lively placed in the London.This is mainly for the kids who loves to play with the keyboard buttons,this time they can even jump on it to press a key.

Microsoft TV or Tablet

The size of the screen is almost about adding 36 surface 2 tablets,thats almost 383 inches diagonally.One can't even think that the whole surface 2 giant was built within just 12 hours straight and stands at London's Trafalgar square.Another strange thing is that the whole giant is controlled by a surface 2 tablet,around the giant,there are,of course the Microsoft's pioneers wearing the blue-shirts,carrying a surface 2 tablet and helping every single person who's passing by it.

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  1. Is it a tablet or a giant sized TV by Microsoft nice plac i love that



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