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Monday, 21 October 2013

Li-Fi - A better alternate to Wi-Fi

Now there is no need to set the routers or other devices to establish the Wi-Fi internet connection because in China, the team of specialists and experts have developed successfully the Light Bulb which gives the access to the internet by sending the signals through the light that is coming out from the bulb. The experts and specialists have also tested this technology and named it Li-Fi.

Li-Fi technology works very fine but we have to make sure that there is nothing between the computer and the Light Bulb because it interrupts the connectivity as the light which is coming out from the bulb  is used to carry the signals, So if there is any blockage found between the bulb and the targeted device, the service would interrupt.

The IT Professor at Shanghai Fudan University, Chi Nan have said that " A light bulb with embedded microchips can produce data rates as fast as 150mbps". Chi Nan also leads the Li-Fi research team and also added to the information that "One-Watt LED light bulb may establish an internet connection for four electronic gadgets at once". According to her the current tools for wireless connectivity are expensive and less efficient, She also added that "Wherever there is an LED light bulb, there is an internet signal. Turn off the light and there is no signal".

Unfortunately, there is a long way to go to make Li-Fi for daily or commercial use because this technology is still in the experimental stage but also there is a good news that 10 Li-Fi devices will be shown off at the China International Industry Fair on 5th of November.

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