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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Top Five Pic Editors (Updated)

1 - Repix


The most inspiring photo editor for your Smartphone. Get creative and make your photos stand out. it is easy-to-use filters for correcting photos, smoother cutting and similar changes and the fact that the flight of imagination and creative impulses nothing should get in the way. Easy access to all photos, pictures, and it is in your account on Facebook. It is a studio technology in your smartphone.Half painting app and half photo editor, this slick image editor is keeping your fingers busy.

2 - Cymera - Photo Editor


Cymera is a free application that helps anyone to take a photo like a professional photographer by using 7 kinds of great lenses and 4 kinds of shooting modes and also provides various decorating effects and filters through face recognition so you can make your own unique photo. It offers a huge variety of lenses and shooting modes, hand-picked filters and the best beauty effects, run through our own face detection technology. You can easily share your photos such as Cyworld, Facebook, Twitter. Now, easily and quickly make precious memories from your ordinary days with Cymera.

3 - Aviary Photo Editor 


Aviary is the most creative photo enhancement tool for the Android users,it is said to be one-stop shop for any photo editing need.An easy to use pic editor app for daily use which packed with many features. Quickly make your photos look amazing with Aviary. Use beautiful filters and frames, creative stickers, touch-up tools and more. Aviary comes preloaded with a ton of intuitive features that your users will love. it is very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone.

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4 - PicsPlay - Photo Editor

PicsPlay is another one of those apps that is just perfect for those that want to edit and filter photos so that the joy of taking images becomes all the more richer. PicsPlay is really a treat to watch your lovable moments with a wide range of diverse editing options. You can easily activate your device camera to take a picture or load the earlier images from the photo albums. PicsPlay offers a lot of editing options to your photos starting from rotating it to any angle and cropping them for a better fit.

5 - BeFunky Photo Editor

Everything from fashion, to funny and pet photos are waiting for you to explore.This Photo Editor is one of the most popular photo editor tool found on PlayStore.It has ton of apps that are not offered anywhere else and you can undo applied effects and changes. You can adjust the color, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. After creating a masterpiece, it’s only fair to share it with the world. It is easy to use but the free version of this photo editor is quiet limited and all the features can be get through purchase pro version of this photo editor tool.

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  1. Photo-Editor Description
    Photo-Editorr is an application to edit your favorite photos, images, wallpapers. The app allows you to share improve your favorite photos,
    images, and wallpapers and also allows you to share the photos on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, along with G-Mail, Skype, among numerous other services -
    not to mention Photo-Editor also allows you to save your photos to your SD csards and set the brightness of your photos.
    Photo-Editor, which allows you to crop, filter, rotate, change the color of, align, and set the brightness to the photos of your choice, has also enabled a
    feature to save the photos to your SD cards. The easy-to-use, simple, and clean application currently has hundreds of users, is updated often,
    and is an extremely small in size unlike many other photo-editing applications who also ask you to change your permissions to allow the application to dig through your phone... not to mention the app is free!

    Photo editor apps for android

    Also more details click Apps Download link

  2. Today not only you will use your picture editor in Smartphones, but also in your PC you can use such a software. With the help of this you can retouch your pictures and also manipulate it as you want. No one can deny this fact that picture editing tools increasing popularity day by day and that is the only reason that various companies will also offer such type of facilities. So take it advantages and retouching your favourite pictures.


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