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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wait Nexus 5 wait, LG will unveil you with the LG G Flex, new rumor hits the Nexus 5

Many people are waiting for many days for the new Nexus device Nexus 5 but users fail to find the exact date for the launching of the Nexus 5 and rumors and news are remains the only hope available for the customers who are looking forward to the Nexus 5. Now more ingredients are here to add into this information that the Korean media is talking about the Nexus 5 and LG's first flexible Smartphone G Flex, it's really interesting to see both the devices together in the headlines.

nexus 5 and lg g flex flexible phone

According to the Korean media, Nexus 5 will be launched along with the LG' first flexible Smartphone G Flex and that's could be the reason that the LG and Google are delaying the unveiling of the Nexus 5. LG wants to unveil both the giants in the same event to surprise the tech world and that's why the unveiling of the new Nexus device Nexus 5 got late. In addition to the information, LG G Flex will not be a prototype like Samsung has recently done this with the Galaxy round, first curved phone from the Samsung.

lg g flex In the end, Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit-Kat are ready to launch but according to the Korean Media, we have to wait for the completion of the LG G Flex because LG has a plan to unveil these both devices in the same event and if this information is true ,we have to wait for some more days to get our hands on the new Nexus device 
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  1. We don't need the banana phone, release Nexus 5 already!!!

    1. Hope to see the both devices soon


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