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Monday, 18 November 2013

Google in pursue of a new camera API,loads of new features in consideration

Google has been in a head-to-head war with their own developer teams for a new camera API.This will include the RAW image output of uncompressed data and face detection.

This came out when a bug appeared in the new Android KitKat and the Google itself quoted this:

"DO NOT MERGE: Hide new camera API
Not yet ready
Bug: 11141002"

It seemed like Google had planned to release it with the Android KitKat but the idea,somehow,ended in smoke with some bugs report.Google plan was to initialize a new class be named as 'Android Hardware photography', which will support the raw output files,face detection and burst mode all together in one app.

"Full capability devices allow per-frame control of capture hardware and post-processing parameters at high frame rates.They also provide output data at high resolution in uncompressed formats, in addition to compressed JPEG output."

For those who are unfamiliar with the RAW image output of files, this is something very close to the professional photographers.This refers to the kind of photos that are uncompressed and gives the full result and information of a related data, unlike those JPEG and other formats,which are, somehow, compressed form of output files.

The new face detection algorithm will allow the user to square people's head and give faces a unique ID.Like Samsung and HTC, who have already used the face detection technology, but apart from it, this will be the first attempt by the Google which will go to a greater extent.Another option that will enhance the camera app quality is the burst mode, previously there wasn't a single button that would allow a user to burst multiple shots at a time.

"The camera device is removable and has been disconnected  from the Android device, or the camera service has shut down the connection due to a higher priority access request for the camera device."

This is new and amazing app will be seen in not too much far future form this very day, and this will take the Android OS to a new level of camera enhancement technology.

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