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Monday, 18 November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to get the fixed Android 4.3 in 15 days

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumored to get the fixed Android 4.3 in 15 daysThe Korean OEM Samsung has released the Android 4.3 JellyBean update for the Galaxy S3 but unfortunately the Android 4.3 update brings many issues and problems along with the new features and users are not happy with this new update and want the Samsung to take some action on it and should release the fix for the Android 4.3 update. Well, calm down guys because the good news has just arrived from the Korean sources that the Samsung noticed this issue.

As according to the sources, Samsung has started working to fix the issues that are found in the Galaxy S3 latest Android 4.3 JellyBean update and will release the fixed version of the Android 4.3 in next 15 days, so this is a point of relax for those who have updated their Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest Android 4.3 JellyBean. On the official Fan Page of the Samsung on Facebook, they admit that they have noticed this issue and soon they will release the fixed update version for the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Presently, the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update is full of germs, even it is not stable for the daily use. For the full details of the problems of the Android 4.3 you can visit HERE or if you have upgraded your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Android 4.3, let us know what problems are you facing in this update via commenting below.
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  1. I updated last Thursday and the second my phone rebooted the crap started right away a message appears saying unfortunately messaging has stopped and it wont work at all then it started takibg upto a minute for the phone to wake up then it started getting really sluggish half way into a call it cuts off and it tells me to log into facebook to fix my phone account and many more problems come on samsung I paid a fortune for a fone I am now being told I will have to wait upto 15days to use not on graham wells from wallyford

  2. The update is the worst I have ever known my fone is useless and now we have to wait upto 15days well out of order Samsung get your finger out ur a** and fix this faster

    1. You are right wells Samsung make me sad

    2. Samsung doesn't make me sad samsung pisses right off if this isn't sorted fast I am going back to apple

  3. despues de la ultima actualizacion mi telefono (samsung galaxy s3) va muy lento, la bateria tarda muy poco, se bloquea, se desconecta wiifi,cuando recibo llamada o notificacione suena la melodia un poco y despes se corta y al final ya no suena.
    es la peor actualizacion . espero que Samsung solucione muy rapido estas problemas. Gracias

  4. despues de la ultima actualizacion mi tel. samsung galaxy s3 funcciona fatal.
    se bloquea, no suena cuando recibo llamadas o mes. .se desconecta wi-fi se resetea cuando estoy navigando. la bateria se gasta dos veces mas rapido vamuy lento.
    Spero que Samsung encuentre rapido una soluciones para estas problemas.

  5. I uploaded the version and it's a complete useless phone!!! I can barely text or answer phone calls! Please, find a solution asap!!!!

  6. Lo actualicen a jelly bean 4.3, la música se brinca o se corta, el Wifi también tiene fallas, consume más la batería, el bluetooth tiene fallas no se conecta con el manos libres de Samsung y con otros dispositivos.


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