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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The world will not see Gingerbread again,Kit Kat will soon replace it

The head of Google's Android,Sundar Pichai has solved out a real problem and a reason of stress for the world which was 'How can one install an Android Kit Kit 4.4 in his smartphone android device if he doesn't have sufficient RAM memory?'

Well, this will no more be a problem as Android Kit-Kat will replace it soon.Sundar Pichai has promised that Android Kit Kat will run smoothly on 512 RAM which is much popular in the world today.Google have finally found out a cure or a weapon to kill the Gingerbread man.

The question which may arise in the minds of the individuals that how it is made possible?
Well the answer is Project Svelte.
What is Project Svelte? Google has made their Android OS more flexible and less memory eater.Meaning,that it will consume much memory.The core processes will be controlled through a proper mechanism,saving the more memory.The Google services,such as YouTube and Chrome will now undergo with the same mechanism,provided that they will not consume more memory.The number of opened services and process will now run sequentially, unlike in the previous OS till Jelly Bean that can open up to numerous processes at a time.

Google has also helped out the developers and manufacturers for creating new apps and Android features for the appropriate and selected device.Google has introduced a number of  tools that will help the next generation smartphones.Tools like zRAM swapping,kernel samepage merging and the ability to tune the cache of the Dalvik JIT code.

"We have briefed all of our manufacturing partners on this and they are all very excited about it".says lockHeimar. "They all want to ship the latest thing.It is not like they wanted to ship Gingerbread but they had to because that is what fit."

According to the survey,more than 26% of the world's Android smartphone devices are still running the Gingerbread OS,which is,somehow an headache for the developers.Its almost about a quarter of a billion devices running Gingerbread OS.

Well that's something a two or three year plan that these devices may vanish from the world when the new Android Kit Kat will be updated into their devices.This plan of Google have extremely heavily mark-up profit as the Google wants to run the whole world on Android OS.

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