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Thursday, 5 December 2013

iPhone 5s pricing from $1090

Apple has been well known for its high-end phones and sky touching prices but though its has been a costly pleasure for the ones who can easily afford them.The new iPhone 5s, however, has started selling out in the United States.Most of us doesn't even know the actual cost of an iPhone, but for your interest, the iPhone 5s 16GB, which is probably the cheapest among all ranges has a price tag of $707 only in US, but in other countries its much more higher than you even cant expect.It may reach up to $1090 for the original iPhone 5s sold out off contract in Asian and European countries.

This high pricing scale will answer your many questions that'd arise in your mind.The most commonly asked question is that why iPhone is not so much popular in other parts of the world and the answer is in the picture above.Its simply due to its high pricing scale.The World's largest phone market(China) has been found out to have an iPhone with a price tag of $866.93.In other countries like India, its costs $857.76 and constitutes 22.32% of total GDP(PPP).Talking about Russia, an iPhone costs up to $921.36 which makes up 5.26% of a total GDP(PPP) including all the taxes for all of the price tags mentioned above.

In the Middle-Eastern and European countries which has a really high price rate of the iPhone 5s starting from $1090 for that of 16GB and $1063 in Turkey.

Do you think that these price tags justifies with the International markets? How far this will the Apple to grow?

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