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Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Tizen powered Samsung SM-Z9005 is sold on eBay

Samsung's device with model SM-Z9005 was seen on eBay via a seller, who offered it on eBay.The Tizen powered device doesn't have any Qualcomm enriched in it.

The phone was auctioned with a title 'New Tizen Samsung SM-Z9005 smartphone for apps development'.The title given to the device was a confirmation and a way to disguise the phone that the device is only for developer testing.As said by the seller, it is a 4.7 inch display phone with 16GB internal storage.

The phone was placed for auction with a price tag of $300, which then was sold out at a high bid rate which was kept under the hood.When we talk about Samsung's Tizen, we can really think of Sammy getting away from Android platform, governing some major new developments.As Google has unloaded Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, that takes Google out of the handset manufacturing business.A major issue which is untightening the bond between Samsung and Google.Another fact is, both the market giants sat down and agreed to a global patent agreement which said "would lead to deeper collaboration on research and development on current and future projects".

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