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Friday, 4 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 dual-SIM model reaches China

Samsung is increasing it's in-line Galaxy S5 production quite silently. It has added a dual-SIM version of Galaxy S5 in its line of S5 production. They've done it so quietly that not even press was given a hint about the addition.

Anyhow, the upcoming dual-SIM Galaxy S5 will hit China with the model D9009D and will be first given to China telecom. It'll be priced at $850 and will be launched on April 11. The phone will be supporting CDMA2000 and among the two SIMS one will be for CDMA and for GSM the other one but without any LTE support.

Talking about the comparison from the International version of Galaxy S5, the specs are all the same as far as we know. It has the same battery capacity either. Samsung has left us ambiguit about the exact official number so fingers are crossed. 

The Galaxy S5 will only hit China telecom. There're no other details about when the model D9009D will be given to other Chinese couriers. 

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