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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Google, Samsung sued by the Rockstar Consortium, An organization backed by the Microsoft-Apple

The Android founder and the Search Engine giant Google was sued yesterday by the Rockstar Consortium. The Rockstar Consortium is the huge organization which is backed by some of the giant firms like the Japanese OEM Sony, The American Hulk Apple, The Microsoft, An Ericsson and the Canadian firm BlackBerry and it purchased the patents off of the Defunct Telecommunications Company in Nortel in the year of 2011.
Google sued by the Rockstar Consortium
In a bidding war with the Google, The Rockstar Consortium purchased the patents but now the Consortium has filed suit against the Google and not only the Google, they also sued some well known firms of the world in which HTC, Huawei, AsusTek, LG, Pantech, ZTE and the world's largest Smartphones manufacturer Samsung are included. United States District Court in Eastern Texas was the place where the Rockstar Consortium filed the suit against all of the above companies.

Now take a look at the words that are stated in the filing

"Google placed an initial bid of $900,000,000 for the patents-in-suit and the rest of the Nortel portfolio. Google subsequently increased its bid multiple times, ultimately bidding as high as $4.4 billion." The filing also states "That price was insufficient to win the auction, as a group led by the current shareholders of Rockstar purchased the portfolio for $4.4 billion. Despite losing in its attempt to acquire the patents-in-suit at auction, Google has infringed and continues to infringe the patents-in-suit"

Google sued by the Rockstar Consortium

Associative Search Engine '6,098,065' patent license is also involved in the suit and the other patents are US 7,236,969, 7,469,245, 7,672,970, 7,895,178, 7,895,183 and 7,933,883. We can't examine that how strong these patents are but they certainly appear to be relevant.

Google has recently lost the patent war against the Rockstar Consortium and go for the Motorola that is mostly about the hardware.

Thanks to Tipster - "Rodneil Joseph Capili" 
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