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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nexus 12 concept arrives with marvellous specs, looks attractive

Google has recently launched the Android 4.4 Kit-Kat and the new family member of the Nexus family Nexus 5. But now an another dream hits the market but it is yet to be fulfill and the dream is about the Nexus 12, the latest concept of the upcoming Nexus 12 is just released that is imagined by one of the Android fans and he published it on the DeviantArt.

Nexus 12

The device is supposed to be made by the Asus, but when we come to the specifications we should definitely give the special guard of honor to the one who imagined these specifications. So lets have a look at the magnificent specifications

  • A 12-inch screen with a 5120×3200 Gorilla Glass 4 capacitive touch screen at 503 pixels-per-inch
  • 4GB of RAM (expandable to 6GB)
  • A 2.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000
  • Android 4.5 Kit Kat (an incremental upgrade to 4.4)
  • A 3MP front facing camera
  • A 13MP back camera that can shoot up to 4K
  • 5 powerful neodymium magnet speakers on either side of the device
  • Windows RT and Chrome OS Ready (multi-boot)
  • Optional official pre-root with partnership with the creators of SuperUser and Cyanogenmod
  • All tablets shipped with 4G LTE ready chips
  • And then the usual stuff (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.)
Please keep in mind that this is just a concept, so don't take it too seriously and pray for it, Well a little good news for you is also here that the Samsung might release a 12 inch tablet in the future while the Asus is reportedly working on the 10 inch Nexus 10 tablet . In the end we must say that the concept device looks so much cool and attractive and after seeing this concept we sure that everyone want the next Nexus tablet exactly the same as a concept one.

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