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Monday, 9 December 2013

Motorola Project Ara Prototype is ready, the first Modular phone is near

Smartphones are getting innovative and more smarter day by day, we have seen some new technologies on the different Smartphones like the Fingerprint sensor that was first implemented by the Apple on the iPhone 5S then HTC followed the Apple and add the fingerprint sensor on the HTC One Max while Samsung is doing these things differently as the Korean OEM launched many different cool add-ons like the Smart Pause, Smart Stay and the cool features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but everyone is keeping their eyes on the Motorola Project Ara because it is totally different.

Well the good news has just popped up that the Prototype of the Project Ara now exists and it is pretty close as the Motorola's CEO said "There is a 'Project Ara' prototype and it is pretty close". We can say that the modular Smartphone is very nearer to hit the markets but the Project Ara is still surrounded by many obstacles like no universal language which different components can use to speak to one another.

Motorola Project Ara Prototype is ready, the first Modular phone is near

The Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside didn't reveal any new information about the Project Ara but according to his words, the Project Ara may not be so far. Apart from that, Dennis Woodside also stated that "The idea is you have a skeleton that holds together a set of components and the components slide in and out. If we have the interfaces and the protocols that enable the speaker to speak directly to the CPU then this would all be possible".

He also said "Moto Maker was the beginning of a more exciting and longer term story which is how do we involve consumers and give them more choice". The story is not ended yet as the CEO of the Motorola also stated that the "Ara is much further out but you can see how those two things tie together and how as we introduce new materials into Moto Maker we’re gonna pursue that theme across our product line going forward… What we’d like to eventually get to is [customizing] functionality within the device and that’s where Project Ara and Moto Maker may converge

Unfortunately there is no news that when will the Project Ara will hit the markets but Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside gave us a hint that the Project Ara could be sold through the Moto Maker Site after the launching.


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